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We know that injuries and car accidents can affect people’s whole lives — we fight to give car accident victims back their lives. Our firm investigates the causes and factors that lead to accidents to establish responsibility, so that when the insurance companies call on you, you will be fully prepared on how to handle things. We will work with insurance companies and other parties involved in your case to make sure all your needs are handled quickly and appropriately. You don’t have to be confused about what to do after a car accident: put Slocumb Law Firm on your side.

Your auto accident doesn’t have to stop you from seeking justice

Automobile accidents are, unfortunately, very common and can change the life of the victim forever. Car wrecks can result in passenger injuries such as whiplash, broken bones, or spinal cord injury. If you or someone you love has been hurt due to negligent driver behavior, such as drunk driving or texting while driving, this is no time to leave your future to chance.

Slocumb Law Firm will represent you if you’ve been in accidents, collisions or crashes due to defective products on design in automobiles or trucks, such as defective tires or seatbelts. Even a minor accident like a rear-end collision may result in thousands of dollars or repairs or medical bills.

Getting your medical bills paid after your car accident

Generally, medical bills are not paid until the time your case is settled. However, if you have Personal Injury Protection or Medical Payments Coverage under your automobile insurance policy, you may be able to pay your medical bills as they are incurred by making a claim against your own coverage. Also, if you have health insurance, your medical bills may be paid as incurred by your health insurance company.

If the other driver is at fault and has liability insurance, you may have the right to collect money damages to compensate you for your past and future medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, disfigurement, and physical impairment. If the at-fault driver does not have insurance, you may be entitled to collect money damages from your own insurance company if you purchased Uninsured Motorist Insurance Coverage.

Insurance companies and car accidents

As soon as your own car insurance company and the insurance company of the person who caused the car accident are notified, each of them will want information for different reasons.

Before submitting to any recorded statement by an insurance adjuster or investigator, even if the other person’s liability seems obvious, it is wise to contact Slocumb Law Firm for direction and advice on how to proceed. This is especially important in cases where the law was broken, such as a drunk driving accident.

The insurance company is a business that thrives on a victim’s confusion, thus it is important that you ensure your rights are protected. Of course, not every auto accident will or should result in a claim. For a variety of reasons, the decision to pursue the claim should be made only when an injury and medical expenses have been sustained. Slocumb Law Firm can help you file a claim against your insurance company.

Do you have enough car insurance coverage?

It is important to determine whether you have proper insurance because you never know when you might be involved in an accident. Since the laws and rates affecting insurance companies change frequently in each state, you should make sure that you are covered in all areas to protect yourself and your family. It is not a good idea to rely solely on the advice of your agent since he may have certain incentives to not provide coverage you really need.

Call Slocumb Law Firm to speak with a Washington DC personal injury attorney who will review what your automobile insurance covers.

Making a claim against an insurance company

The decision to make a claim against an insurance company generally should be based upon the fault of the other driver and the extent of injuries and damages you suffered as a result.

Help! I’ve Been in a Car Wreck and I Don’t Know What To Do

Many people drive every day to work, to pick up their kids, or to run errands and figure car wrecks are things that happen to other people. But according to insurance company estimates, the average driver is involved in a car accident about once every 18 years. So, if you received your driver’s license when you were a teenager and you expect to be driving into your 80s or longer, chances are you will have three or four accidents in your lifetime.

When you’re in an accident, you want to be prepared to take steps to protect your health – and your rights. As a special service, Mike Slocumb Law Firm has created the following list of tips to follow if you are involved in a crash:

  • Keep a cool head to stay in control and take the appropriate steps.
  • Check if everyone in your vehicle is OK. If you are able to do so, see if people in the other vehicle are OK.
  • Call 911 or the appropriate emergency number to report your accident. Tell the authorities if anyone is injured. Even if you believe the accident is minor and no one is injured, you will want police to respond so you can have an official report if questions about who was at fault come up later.
  • Let a medical professional examine you, even if you don’t think you are injured. Accidents can get your adrenaline going, which may cover up any symptoms of a serious injury.
  • Don’t discuss fault with anyone at the scene. Only discuss the accident with police. You can offer police information such as your name and insurance company, but don’t admit fault to police.
  • Use your cell phone or a camera to take photographs of the scene, including damage to the vehicles, skid marks (if any), and your injuries.
  • Gather names, addresses, and phone numbers from the people involved in the accident as well as any witnesses. Police may or may not get this information, which is why it’s a good idea to take care of this yourself.
  • Take notes. Write down names and contact information as well as weather conditions, how the accident occurred, and whether any vehicles were towed. Simply write down as much information as possible, even if you’re not sure whether it’s important. The more details you have, the stronger your accident claim will be.
  • Make a note if someone takes blame for the crash. Did anyone apologize or say they were distracted by a text message or something else? Such statements may be used as evidence later if you are pursuing a claim.

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