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The Montgomery, Alabama, accident lawyers at Mike Slocumb Law Firm fight aggressively for the rights of clients. We are an Alabama law firm that represents clients in a variety of personal injury cases, including car and truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, dog bites, slip and fall accidents and more.

Were you or a loved one injured in an accident due to negligence and need an attorney in Montgomery? You can rely on a Montgomery personal injury law firm that knows how to build a strong case that produces winning results.

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At Slocumb Law Firm, we are serious about helping our Montgomery clients. Our Montgomery lawyers are available to offer injury victims a free consultation.

We are skilled at putting a powerful combination of experience, resources and technology to work for victims in Montgomery, AL. Our Montgomery injury lawyers have a record of obtaining successful settlements and verdicts.

Whether you’ve been injured due to medical malpractice or need assistance with a Social Security Disability claim, you can rely on an attorney in Montgomery at Slocumb Law Firm.

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Our Alabama lawyers have experience handling a broad range of personal injury cases in Montgomery. Let a tough-minded attorney fight to protect your rights. Call or contact Slocumb Law Firm for a free consultation today.

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Montgomery AL Auto Accident Lawyer
A car accident in Montgomery, AL can result in severe injuries. If you were injured in an auto accident in Montgomery, your quality of life can be severely affected. The Montgomery car accident attorneys are here for you. Choose an experienced attorney in Montgomery: Call Mike Slocumb Law Firm today for a free consultation.
Montgomery, AL, Truck Accident Lawyer
In the busy streets and highways around Montgomery, traffic accidents involving trucks are not uncommon. Truck accidents can create complex personal injury cases, more so than ordinary car accident cases. You need a truck accident attorney in Montgomery who has a thorough knowledge of Alabama laws and federal trucking regulations.
About Our Montgomery AL Law Firm
You’ve been injured in an accident in Montgomery, AL. What do you do next? One of the most important steps you can take is to choose an experienced personal injury lawyer in Montgomery, AL. Slocumb Law Firm, LLC, is one of the top firms in Alabama. Our Montgomery personal injury attorneys provide experienced representation in a variety of cases, including auto accidents, slip and fall accidents, trucking accidents and wrongful death cases, among others.
Montgomery AL Accident Lawyer
Accidents can happen anytime in Montgomery, AL. You may be on your way to work when you are rear-ended by another driver. You may be hurt on the job and need to file a workers' compensation claim.