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Injured in a T-Bone Crash? Our Auburn Car Accident Lawyers Can Help

When you're injured, an Auburn car crash attorney can deliver results

Getting injured in any kind of car wreck can be terrifying and traumatizing, but if you get hurt in a T-bone collision it can be something you never forget. Our Auburn car accident lawyers have seen the devastating effects a T-Bone or side impact crash can have on someone, and it's upsetting. Making a situation go from bad to worse, T-Bone crash victims often face a lot of pushback from insurance companies and defense lawyers who try to question the severity of their injuries and make them fight tooth and nail to get them the compensation they need and deserve. They'll even go as far as trying to say the accident was the victim's fault.

Side impact collisions, commonly referred to as "T-Bone" accidents, happen when one car smashes into the side of the other. T-Bone accidents frequently happen in intersections when someone fails to grant the right of way, and since the sides of most vehicles aren't that fortified, T-Bone collisions often prove to be serious. If you've been injured in a T-Bone crash, our Auburn car accident attorneys can help you fight back so you can continue to recover and move on from your traumatic crash. Contact a lawyer from the Mike Slocumb Law Firm in Auburn today for a free consultation.

Figuring out who's at fault in a T-bone car accident

Imagine being stopped at an intersection for a red light. The light turns green, and you begin to accelerate forward when without warning you hear tires screech, the crunching of metal, and glass shattering. When you finally realize you were in a T-Bone car accident, you're in a lot of pain and you come to the quick conclusion that your car is probably totaled.

Now envision yourself at the same intersection. The light turns green, you press the gas to move forward, and then without warning a pickup truck cuts in front of your path and you collide head-on into the truck's passenger-side door. Your airbag deploys, and when you eventually realize you've been in a T-Bone car accident, you see nothing but your car's hood crumpled up, smoke coming from your engine, and a busted windshield.

While both scenarios are examples of T-Bone collisions, the driver at fault wasn't automatically the person who crashed into the side of the other vehicle, but rather the person who failed to yield the right of way.

Proving who failed to yield isn't always as easy as it should be, though, and that's why an Auburn car accident attorney can be a valuable asset to crash victims. Our lawyers can determine if your T-Bone crash was caused by:

  • Someone texting and driving or otherwise under distraction
  • Someone under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or prescription medication
  • Someone who suffered a medical episode
  • Someone who is asleep at the wheel or driving while fatigued
  • Someone who was speeding or driving erratically

How a car accident lawyer can help after your T-bone collision

People who get injured in T-Bone accidents often face a long road to recovery. They may require multiple surgeries, physical rehab, and need to miss an extensive amount of time from work. Crash victims might also not be able to do the activities they were able to do before they got injured, and they may suffer from emotional distress or mental anguish as they relive the horrifying details of their accident. Insurance companies know they could have to pay out compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain, suffering, and more if the don't get crash victims to settle early and, in most cases, for way less than what is fair.

Don't let the insurance company use your accident for their own financial gain, and don't accept an unrealistic settlement offer just because the insurance company is pressuring you. Our Auburn car accident attorneys know how to deal with insurance companies, and if necessary, we can take things to court. Take a stand and fight back with the help of an Auburn car accident lawyer. Contact an attorney from the Mike Slocumb Law Firm in Auburn today for a free consultation.

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