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Jackson Car Wreck Lawyers Give Advice on What to Do After a Car Accident

If you've been hurt in a collision, our car crash attorneys can help

Millions of people are injured in collisions every year, and a lot of those people aren't sure what to do after a car accident. Our Jackson car wreck lawyers have years of experience helping injured crash victims obtain compensation for their damages and know what steps to take if you've been hurt in a collision that wasn't your fault.

The moments after a car accident can be chaotic and confusing. Your heart is racing. Adrenaline is pumping through your veins. You're not sure if you're hurt or if the other driver is OK. If you know what to do before you get into a car wreck, you can help prevent problems after one actually happens. You also have rights, and a Jackson car accident lawyer can help protect those rights. Contact the Mike Slocumb Law Firm in Jackson today for a free consultation.

Steps to take when you're in a car accident

People rely on their cars every day to help them bring their children to school, get to work, and complete other daily errands. We often take our safety for granted when we're driving in our cars, especially those who are lucky enough to have never been involved in a crash, but that doesn't mean a collision won't happen.

Imagine driving to work one day. You stop at a red light, the signal turns green, and you begin to accelerate through the intersection. Then without warning, someone who is texting while driving speeds through a red light and smashes directly into the side of your car. Windows shatter. Your airbags deploy, and you're not sure what happened. You're in pain, your car is mangled, and you have no idea what you should do next. This is a scary scenario, but our Jackson car accident lawyers hope that by providing these helpful tips, you'll know what to do and will be prepared if you're in a car wreck:

  • Try to stay calm: It may be difficult, but do your best to remain calm. Take a look around and decide whether or not it's safe for you to get out of your vehicle. If it is, get out and move to somewhere safe.
  • Call the police: Tell the police you've been in a car accident. Let them know where you're located. If anyone has been injured, inform them right away. If the other driver flees from the scene of the crash, give police as much information as possible about the other driver and their vehicle. Collisions can be complex, so having a police officer arrive on scene to assess what happened is helpful. If you decide to file a claim for compensation, having an official Mississippi crash report will be a valuable piece of evidence in demonstrating who was responsible for the collision. While you should cooperate with police, never admit fault after having a car accident. This information could be used against you to reduce compensation or deny your claim altogether. Even saying something simple such as "I'm sorry" can be used to blame the crash on you, so you're better off using caution.
  • Exchange information: You'll want to get the full name, address, phone number, insurance information, and license number of every driver involved in the crash.
  • Talk to witnesses: Get the full name and contact information of anyone who saw the car accident and is willing to help. This can be pedestrians who witnessed the crash or people in other cars who were nearby when the collision occurred. Check for any surveillance cameras in the area, as well. Many traffic lights are equipped with cameras to catch people who fail to stop for red lights, but these cameras can record wrecks as they happen, too.
  • Take photos or videos: Do your best to show ─ in detail ─ the crash scene, damage to all vehicles involved, and the surrounding area, including any relevant traffic signs, signals, or street markers. This will help prove who caused the car accident and can be useful when trying to get compensation through a claim. Be sure to take pictures or videos of injuries, too. Documenting cuts, bruises, lacerations or any other injury must be done if you hope to obtain compensation that's appropriate.
  • Seek medical attention: If you've been hurt in a wreck, you need to get treated right away, and this should be your top priority. Serious injuries will likely require a trip to the hospital in an ambulance and care from an EMT (emergency medical technician) immediately after your crash. Other injuries may not be obvious right after your collision, but it's still critical that you get checked out by a medical professional. Soft tissue injuries and injuries such as whiplash, internal bleeding, and concussions don't always have symptoms that are instantly apparent, but they should be taken very seriously. All injuries ─ big and small ─ should be treated as soon as possible. Seeing a medical professional will ensure you get the care you need.
  • Notify your insurance company: Tell them that you were injured in a car accident, but try not to say too much. Insurance adjusters handle claims, and their job is to save the insurance company as much money as possible when paying out settlements. Your discussion with an insurance adjuster will be recorded, and even if you say something that seems harmless like "I didn't see them," it can be used against you to reduce compensation or deny your claim altogether. If another driver's insurance company contacts you, politely tell them you have nothing to say. If they pressure you, tell them you aren't giving a statement without talking to a lawyer first.
  • Hire a trusted car accident lawyer: If you've been injured in a collision, hiring a Jackson car crash attorney from the Mike Slocumb Law Firm will give you an advantage when trying to recover compensation for your accident-related expenses. We know how the system works in Mississippi, and if we have to, we aren't afraid to fight for you in court.

Get a Jackson car accident lawyer in your corner, fighting for your rights

Whether you were rear-ended, in a hit-and-run crash, T-boned, or involved in any other kind of wreck that was not your fault, our Jackson car accident attorneys can help you map out the best plan of attack to get you the compensation you need and deserve. No one wants to be involved in a car accident, but they happen. It's OK if you don't know what to do, and we can help. Contact the Mike Slocumb Law Firm in Jackson today for a free consultation.

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