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Highway Accident Lawyer in Parkersburg, WV

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There are several highways that run through Parkersburg, WV. It only takes one negligent driver to cause an accident that leaves people injured. Many people aren't sure what to do next after being hurt in a highway accident. The experienced car accident attorneys at the Mike Slocumb Law Firm help them recover the financial compensation they deserve.

Vehicles travel at high speeds on the highway. When there's a crash, the injuries that are suffered can be quite serious. These can include injuries to the head and neck, broken bones and spinal cord injuries. Victims may need surgery, hospitalization, physical therapy, medication and multiple follow-up appointments.

Our firm handles accidents on all local highways, including:

  • Route 68
  • I-77
  • Route 50
  • Route 14
  • Route 618

The medical expenses for treating injuries from a highway accident can become overwhelming. When you've been injured in an accident, the insurance company is supposed to help. Insurance companies are not on your side. They are concerned with keeping their profits as high as possible. To do that, they will try to keep your payments as low as possible.

Our attorneys fight for the injured

Insurance companies have lawyers fighting for their best interests. You need an experienced car accident lawyer who will look out for you. Our lawyers know the games that insurance companies play to limit your compensation. We help you fight back. Our focus is on building strong cases that force the insurance companies to take your claim seriously.

When you try to recover compensation, the insurance company may question the extent of your injuries. Or they'll insist that you were already injured before the accident. Sometimes, they'll try to save money by making you a lowball settlement offer but it won't even come close to covering the damages that you have suffered.

Our legal team investigates your accident to get the facts. We carefully review accident reports and medical records. We identify witnesses to the accident and interview them. If needed, we consult accident reconstruction experts and other specialists who can help us understand what happened.

We know where to look for evidence that proves negligence led to the accident that left you injured. The driver that hit you may have been speeding, operating recklessly, distracted or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Our lawyers know how to build strong cases that holds negligent drivers accountable.

Determined to get the best results

Insurance companies know our firm, and they know that we are serious about helping our clients. So when they see that we have prepared a strong case and are ready to fight for you in court, they agree to talk about a settlement. We're not interested in making quick deals to help them save money.

Any resolution of your case has to be one that meets your needs. This includes compensation for all medical expenses related to your injuries - both now and in the future. It includes compensation for lost wages you suffered if you were unable to return to work. We may also seek compensation for other damages, such as pain and suffering.

If you were injured in a highway accident in Parkersburg, you need a car accident attorney who will fight to help you get the compensation you deserve. Contact our firm to schedule a free case evaluation. One of our attorneys can go over your case and explain your options.

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