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52 Million Vehicles With Open Recalls Driving On U.S. Roads — Meaning They Need Repairs And Could Be Unsafe

Alabama auto accident attorneyAbout 52 million vehicles with open recalls are driving on U.S. roads - and that's the good news.

That's actually a decrease from the number of in-need-of-repair vehicles compared to previous years. In 2018, that figure was 57 million. In 2017, it was 63 million, according to Auto Remarketing, an online news site of the used car industry.

The prospect of 52 million vehicles with open recalls driving on U.S. roads means that's the number of vehicles identified as needing some sort of repair and thus subject to owners having received recall notices to schedule such work.

Mississippi and Alabama are among the top six states in America in terms of percentages of vehicles with open recalls.

Significantly more progress needs to be made

"Open recalls are a critical safety issue that can impact everyone on the road," Carfax Inc. President Dick Raines said.

Carfax is an online source of posting of vehicles' histories like repairs, number of owners and how the vehicles were used, such as if they got heavy use as a business transporter. The company has worked with the federal government and automakers on alerting people about recalls - the need for repairs - on vehicles.

In addition, Carfax has 13 million people registered on a free service to help in spreading the word about recalls. When manufacturers issue recall notices, they send alerts through the "myCarfax" mobile app to registrants based on license plate and vehicle identification number (VIN) data.

Carfax also works on the recall issue with auto dealers. Dealers can visit their Carfax online account to check whether any vehicles in their inventory are subject to recalls. They also send periodic reports to dealers about recalls in their inventories.

Safety first

With 52 million vehicles with open recalls on U.S. roads, it is important that vehicle owners, buyers and sellers stay informed and take action to ensure vehicles and the roads are safe.

Here are the states that have the highest percentages in America of vehicles with open recalls (with Alabama being the fourth):

  1. Mississippi (24.7 percent)
  2. Texas (24.6 percent)
  3. Louisiana (23.7 percent)
  4. Alabama (22.2 percent)
  5. New Mexico (22.1 percent)
  6. Arkansas (21.6 percent)

A recall is issued when the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) or a vehicle manufacturer determines a component in a vehicle poses a safety risk.

Owners can see if their vehicle has been subject to a recall repair notice by visiting the NHTSA website and entering the vehicle's 17-character VIN. That search covers the past 15 years.

The VIN is posted on the lower left part of the windshield and also may be shown on registration and insurance documents.

Vehicle owners also can sign up on the NHTSA website to get recall alerts by email.

In most cases, vehicle manufacturers make the decision to conduct recalls and remedy defects before involving the NHTSA. The federal agency's website said manufacturers are required to fix the problem, offer a refund, or in rare cases repurchase the vehicle.

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