Is Distracted Driving Getting Worse?

We all know the risks of distracted driving. Even a few seconds of driving while not visually, manually, or cognitively engaged can reduce drivers’ ability to respond to impending crash risks.

Distracted driving has killed 2,841 people and injured an estimated 400,000 across the U.S. in 2018. With figures like this, the warnings from police and safety advocates, and the increase in distracted driving laws, you would think that we would see some improvement in driving behavior.

According to a recent survey conducted by, distracted driving has only gotten worse. About 1,000 drivers were asked about how they viewed distracted driving and if they engaged in it themselves. Roughly 87 percent of participants said that it has gotten worse over the last two years. To be precise, 75 percent said it was worse by 50 percent.

What Are the Worst Distracted Driving Activities?

Nearly a quarter of survey participants said that texting and driving was most to blame for distracted driving. Some survey participants admitted to texting and driving, and 11 percent said they did it daily. Another 12 percent said they did it three or four times per week.

Other common causes of distracted driving cited by participants included:

  • Programming GPS navigation (20%)
  • Dealing with kids in the car (16%)
  • Making or receiving phone calls (11%)
  • Adjusting a radio (11%)

Participants also admitted to taking selfies and pictures while driving. Out of those:

  • 46% admitted to taking pictures of scenic or majestic views
  • 38% admitted to taking pictures of a severe weather or roadside events
  • 20% admitted to taking pictures of accident scenes they weren’t involved in
  • 19% admitted to taking pictures of aggressive driving and road rage
  • 18% admitted to taking pictures for sharing on social media
  • 35% admitted to taking selfies because they looked good that day
  • 30% admitted to taking selfies because they were on their way to an event

What Are My Legal Options if I Was Injured in a Distracted Driving Accident?

There are many drivers who have the urge to check cellphone notifications or multitask behind the wheel. Despite the known risks, many of them believe that they can get away with it. Yet, it only takes a split second of inattention to cause someone’s injury or death.

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