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"I Couldn't Have Been Happier"

I contacted the Slocumb Law Firm via the internet. Five minutes after completing the information I was contacted. I was connected to an attorney by the name of Lowell Moore. Attorney Moore was very attentive and immediately set up an in person meeting. He drove from his place of business to the city in which I lived. He gathered all of the necessary information from me and immediately began to work on my case. I had stressed to Attorney Moore how necessary it was for us to have frequent contact and he assured me that we would never have a problem in that area. And we didn't! He would often call and check on my health and my progress during rehabilitation. My calls were either answered immediately or return calls were made promptly. He constantly kept me informed about the progress of my case. My case was actually settled earlier than projected and I couldn't have been happier with the outcome. Attorney Moore exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend him and the law firm he represents. Attorney Moore is the consummate professional!

Reginald Mitchell
      "Highly Recommend!"

      Being rear ended by a drunk driver was traumatic enough but having Attorney Lowell on my side was reassuring and made the entire process easy to handle. From the beginning I felt like I was in good hands and felt like I was like I was taken care of. Every decision that was made was in my best interest and they effectively communicated with me through the entire process. Attorney Lowell and his team walked me through everything and help me understand each step of the way till the very end. Truly a remarkable experience with everyone being so professional and friendly, and I would highly recommend!

      Autumn Truong
      "Great Communication!"

      I dealt with Lowell Moore here and I’ll recommend him to anyone, anytime! The defining factor was his communication. It’s rare you’ll be able to reach your lawyer directly or even get to hear back from them on a regular basis. I was able to always deal with Lowell firsthand about any questions or concerns I had. He made sure everything was as seamless and stress-free as possible. I didn’t like my first PT assignment - he had it changed the same week. USAA wasn’t calling us back - he dealt with it. Baptist was still sending me bills- he dealt with that too. I regret thinking that I could’ve resolved this all on my own. Insurance had drawn this out for MONTHS and Lowell got everything wrapped up and BOTH CHECKS were sent out to me immediately after I completed PT. I actually had a friend that was involved in a separate accident a short time after my car was hit. She found a lawyer immediately. But they took her ALL the way down through there, gave her the run-around, etc and she NEVER got to actually speak to the lawyer again after she signed all the initial paperwork- she was always either leaving voicemails or dealing with his assistants. When I got on with Lowell, I told her to drop her guy and give him a call, but she chose to see it through. AND she ended up having trouble cashing her check because her lawyer hasn’t signed it - her insurance company sent it straight to her instead of his office first. She’s still upset about it today! We had similar accidents (both rear-ended) less than 2 weeks apart, but even with her finding a lawyer immediately and me waiting 3 months to get one, her case went on for at least 2 more months after mine was wrapped up!

      Tammara Hamilton

      We got into a car accident back in May and got assigned to Attorney Lowell. He is absolutely amazing, quick to respond, and very professional. Our settlement and the whole process only lasted 3 month total and we got triple the amount that was excepted. Highly recommend Attorney Lowell for any problem you might have.

      Kayla Bui
      "Incredible Attorney!"

      Attorney Lowell Moore was awesome in the whole process! He kept us included in every move made for our accident/injury case. Never had an issue with communication and he really showed us he cares about his clients!!! We received an answer on our settlement quick. I highly recommend this law firm and super highly recommend Attorney Lowell Moore to represent incoming clients! Thank you Attorney Moore again we really appreciate your help!

      Maya Trimble
      "I thank Mike Slocumb so much for changing my life."

      I thank Mike Slocumb so much for changing my life. I mean David and Mike were like Angels to me. I didn’t know if I would ever walk again. I didn’t know how we would get from the hospital during my two surgeries, and they took good care of me for nearly six months. I will be taken care of for twenty years because of them. When they say that they will hammer for you–they mean it. They do it with such good care. Thanks to the entire firm for changing my life.

      J. Berry
      "Mr. Gracie handled my case, he was superb."

      Mr. Gracie handled my case, he was superb. In reference to service, I think Mr. Gracie is really, really experienced and an exceptional lawyer. He is quite an asset to your firm. I would not hesitate to use him again and recommend him to friends and family. I really appreciate his services rendered. He’s the person you want to work with when you want someone who does all of the services for you – really on top of things.

      "Very Professional!"

      Great Law firm. My Attorney Lowell Moore was very determined and professional. He always keep me up to date on my case, consistently checked on me and my health. I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney.

      Jeremy R.
      "Greatly Recommend!"

      I greatly recommend attorney Lowell Moore of Slocumb Law Firm. He turned my dark hopeless situation into a tunnel of lights. And believe me, I’m a person who don’t believe nobody and I want things done right away but my attorney Mr. Moore assured me that things will turn out all right and I promise you they have. I was in a horrible accident head-on collision I was broken up didn’t have enough insurance to cover anything and I had no money to put my life back together Attorney Mr. Moore was my hope in my dark hopeless situation he’s a man that you can believe he will be working on your case and he will get you the best results, amazing results. So my brother and my friend, thank you, attorney, Mr. Lowell Moore, of Slocumb Law Firm. You’re the best lawyer I have ever had.

      Jasper Harris
      "Highly Recommend!"

      I would highly recommend this law firm if you have been the victim of an accident. Mr. Lowell T. Moore was friendly, helpful, professional, patient, and honest. I was very pleased with my experience. If I have any future legal issues, this would be my 1st call.

      Gerald Williams
      "Highly Recommend!"

      Attorney Lowell was amazing to work with, quick with communication and very efficient in processing all the paperwork for our accident. I highly recommended for anyone who ever need a lawyer.

      Angel Truong
      "Just Incredible!"

      My attorney, Brandon Sherry (spelling may be off, sorry!) was my lawyer and he was able to help me with my claim. I got helped with Rehab, and after a couple of months I was able to get my check and able to take care of the expenses associated with my accident. Mr. Sherry (again, sorry if the spelling is wrong) was honest from the day 1- he said it may take up to 6 months, or more and that is what happened. Contacting him was challenging, as he was not always in office, however I am aware that I am not his only client. I would have emailed him directly, however I don't have his email address (our chats were by phone) so if you read this, THANK YOU!

      Patrick Maestas
      "Definitely Recommend!"

      Such an awesome staff at the Auburn office. Due to my personal experience with my accident I would DEFINTELY recommend this law firm. They’re very thorough with their clients. The intake process was very easy with Danielle. I also love how Greg and Assistant Jeff handle their cases with such positivity. They’re a GREAT staff.

      Jazmine Wimberly
      "Very Professional!"

      The Mike Slocumb Law Firm was very professional throughout the entire process of reaching a positive outcome for me. I was very pleased with the services that I received. I initially reached out to them because I wanted my rights protected and I did not understand much of what I was contacted about from insurance companies. I also knew that I did not have the time or energy to perform my duties and responsibilities as a wife, mother and full time employee to handle the matters that were being presented to me. This was especially true after sustaining injuries and being in pain and on medication. I have never regretted my decision to allow them to represent me.

      Antionetta Baldwin
      "Amazing Choice!"

      Mr. Charley Beene is a great choice if you are looking to win your case and feel satisfied when walking away! They worked extremely fast and diligent and they kept me updated the whole way! This is the company to go to! 5 star people!

      Krista Caswell
      "Great Law Firm!"

      Mike Slocumb is a great Law Firm, they helped me every step of the way. They informed me of any change with my case and kept me updated. The case didn’t take forever and a day, every time the case went further they let me know. I will definitely go with them again if i had any legal problems! Thanks you and your staff!

      Arnell Raynor
      "Extremely Kind!"

      I was hesitant to contact a larger law firm for fear that I would not get enough individualized attention. However, I am thankful that I did. Every single person who dealt with my case was fast, efficient, understanding, and extremely kind. I felt like they truly cared about me.

      Tracey Guidry
      "Mr. Gracie restored my faith in lawyers"

      I was skeptical upon first calling. These feeling soon became positive thoughts that I had done the right thing by contacting your law firm. I was made to feel as though my case was the only one of importance starting with the receptionist all the way to Mr. Gracie taking the time during rush hour traffic to drive to my home, over two hours on a good day, just to listen to what I needed to have heard. Mr Gracie is professional and very knowledgeable in what he does. After taking the time to speak with and thoroughly explain the process to me, Mr. Gracie restored my faith in lawyers and I truly believe he is working to ensure that I receive the very best and fairest results possible in this case. I feel very confident in my decision to contact your law firm and am looking forward to seeing Mr. Gracie work his magic! You have an amazing employee in Mr. Gracie and I would and have highly recommended him.”
      I am looking forward to continued work with Mr. Gracie. He has helped to restore my confidence in the law and my faith that there are actually people ( lawyers) that truly do care about the client and not so much about the dollar.

      Henry Boothe
      "I will refer the Slocumb firm to others."

      Hello! My name is Gwendolyn Brown and my experience with Mr. Gracie was fantastic! I will refer the Slocumb firm to others. Thank you and have a nice day.

      "I have really been impressed with everything!"

      Mike Slocumb Law Firm has been on point when it comes to handling any questions regarding my case with the insurance company, including medical questions. My experience since day one has been great – I was impressed with how you came out to meet with me within hours. I have really been impressed with everything. Y’all do your job well and I’m impressed. If I could refer anyone else to Mike Slocumb Law Firm I will.