Sharing the Road With Trucks: Safety Tips for Motorists

Semi trucks and passenger cars traveling near one each other on a busy highway

Due to their sheer size and weight, large trucks have different handling characteristics than smaller vehicles. They need more space and time to perform maneuvers like braking or changing lanes. Recognizing these differences and adjusting your driving behavior accordingly is key to maintaining road safety.

Stay Out of the “No-Zones”

Truck drivers have blind spots, also known as “No-Zones,” where they can't see other vehicles. These areas are directly in front, behind, and along each side of the truck. If you stay in these zones, there's a high chance the truck driver won't be aware of your presence, increasing the risk of an accident. Always strive to remain visible to a truck driver by avoiding these No-Zones whenever possible.

Keep Your Distance

Remember, trucks are heavier and take longer to stop than regular cars. Therefore, maintaining a safe distance when driving behind or in front of a truck is essential. This gives you and the truck driver ample time to react to any unexpected changes in traffic conditions.

Be Patient and Predictable

Trucks require more time and space to make maneuvers. Be patient when a truck turns, backs up, or changes lanes. Avoid sudden moves that could confuse the driver. Being predictable with your actions helps the truck driver anticipate your movements and adjust their driving accordingly.

Pass Safely

When passing a truck, always do so on the left side where the driver's field of vision is better. Signal your intentions early, and once you start to pass, maintain your speed and don’t linger in the No-Zone.

Be Vigilant at Intersections

Intersections can be particularly challenging for large trucks. They may need to swing wide or straddle lanes to make turns. Give them plenty of room, and never try to squeeze by them or beat them through the intersection.

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