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Parkinson’s Disease Caused by Exposure to Paraquat

Farm workers often come in contact with herbicides, as they need to keep everything they grow healthy. However, some herbicides are more dangerous than others. Over time, some people began showing signs of early Parkinson’s disease, even without a family history. If you have started to show signs of early Parkinson’s and ever used Paraquat, you may have a liability case on your hands. Reach out to us today and tell us what’s going on. We can then enlighten you to what research has found and see if you deserve compensation.

What is Paraquat?

One of the more controversial weed and grass killers to ever be on the market is known as paraquat. It was inexpensive to manufacture, and it worked very quickly. However, the effects were not immediately known, allowing it to be used by farms and other agricultural manufacturers for several decades. 

Products were sold starting back in 1962 that contained paraquat. There were many names for these products. Some of the product names include: 

More than 30 countries have placed a permanent ban on this type of grass and weed killer. However, the United States is not one of them. It has only classified paraquat as restricted, meaning anyone with the right licenses can still purchase and use this herbicide. Its use has grown exponentially over the years, putting more people at risk each year. What makes matters worse is the link connecting Parkinson’s disease and paraquat use is well known and documented. However, there are no adequate warnings placed on these products, allowing innocent people to face harm each year. 

Many people have struggled with pain and tremors associated with Parkinson’s and had no idea where the symptoms came from. Anyone who has been directly exposed to this product should contact our office today. We will provide a consultation and evaluate whether or not you have a paraquat case.

The Effects of Paraquat

There are many different symptoms that someone can experience after paraquat exposure. One of the most common set of symptoms are the tremors and rigid muscles associated with Parkinson’s disease. It could be tremors in either the arms or legs while they are resting. It could also be trouble moving around because the muscles are rigid or stiff. Many note having coordination and balance trouble as well. This often leads to a long and expensive diagnosis process, with Parkinson’s disease being the end result. 

Other symptoms that someone may experience include: 

The effects target anyone who used or applied paraquat. This can include the applicators of this dangerous herbicide, the people who worked the farm during and immediately following its application, and even the people who lived on or alongside the land that the products were used on. 

If You Were Exposed to Paraquat, Contact Us Today

If you or someone you love used paraquat and now have unexplained symptoms, please reach out. We can evaluate your case and discuss if you should be able to go after compensation in court. You may be eligible for wage recovery for both past and future wages, compensation to cover your treatment, and even compensation for any pain or suffering you are currently enduring. Call us at Slocumb Law today. 


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