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A slip and fall at a Washington, D.C., property can result in a lawsuit against the owner of the premises. Mike Slocumb Law Firm has plenty of experience handling fall down accident cases in which a property owner or landlord failed to make sure the premises were reasonably safe for visitors. If they failed in this duty and a customer or tenant is injured, they must be held accountable. We can help you prove they were negligent so you can get the compensation you need.

How Do I Know if I Have a Case?

Everyone has fallen sometime. Not every incident involving a fall will rise to the level of legal action. However, some slips, trips or falls happen because the owner of the property failed to maintain the premises or otherwise failed to ensure the property was safe. Landlords might try to argue they did nothing wrong. They might say you fell because you were clumsy or weren’t paying attention.

Without legal representation, you might have a difficult time proving your case. By hiring an attorney, you will have an experienced legal professional who will investigation the circumstances of the accident and determine liability. Your attorney – sometimes with the help of outside experts – can ask questions to determine if a dangerous condition existed.

For example, you might have fallen at a grocery store which had wet or slippery floors. Your attorney will need to find out if the store management knew about this dangerous condition and failed to clean up the surface. Other questions must be asked to prove a claim. Did the owner of the property fail to exercise reasonable care in maintaining the property? Did this failure result in the accident that caused injuries?

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What If I Was Assaulted by Someone? Can I File a Lawsuit?

In some cases, a premises liability case is the result of a violent action on a property. The owner of a business, for example, must make sure the premises are safe for customers. You may have grounds for a premises liability lawsuit if the property owner failed in this duty. A violent crime might be grounds for legal action against the property owner.

For example, someone may get attacked in a bar or even outside the establishment. If the owner had hired security guards or had other measures in place such as adequate lighting or security cameras, the crime may not have happened. We investigate such cases to determine if a negligent security lawsuit is necessary.

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Can I Afford to Hire an Attorney?

We represent people in Washington, D.C. who come from all walks of life. Our goal is to provide high-quality legal services to the injured, regardless of their financial situation. You can afford to hire our law firm, because we won’t charge you any fees unless you win your case. If you have a case and choose to hire us, we work on a contingency fee basis.

We begin with a free case consultation. You tell us what happened to you, and we discuss your options. Rest assured, we will keep you up to date with your case. We will be with you from start to finish.

Don’t delay contacting us. The sooner you call or complete the online contact form, the faster we can get started building a strong case.

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