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Many professional semi-truck drivers are pressured by their employers to make deliveries while sticking to strict deadlines, which results in extreme fatigue, inattention, and the reckless operation of vehicles that are 20 times heavier than those around them on the highway. This can, in turn, lead to serious accidents that are shocking and nerve-racking at best, and painful and fatal at worst. Many of these tragedies could be avoided through stricter adherence to safety regulations, higher-quality manufacturing and maintenance procedures, and a stronger overall focus on highway safety by trucking companies.

Companies Concentrate on Avoiding Liability Despite Their Negligence

After accidents involving their vehicles, trucking companies have one major objective: evading liability. In spite of carrying more than enough insurance, most companies try their best to avoid accepting blame for collisions, using all the legal resources at their disposal to contest accountability in court to save money. However, many times it is the trucking companies and not their drivers who are at fault in collisions due the following acts of negligence:

Every day, countless semi-trucks around the country leave their yards with faulty brakes, poorly functioning lights, overly worn tires, and other inadequate equipment that can easily fail, leading to major accidents along with serious injuries, property damage, and even fatalities.

Seeking Help from Experienced Truck Accident Attorneys is Critical

The above factors are just a few of the many elements that make big-rig trucks on today’s highways highly dangerous and potentially deadly. While it would be best to do away with trucking accidents altogether, they are regrettably inevitable and need to be dealt with. Experienced truck accident attorneys have the knowledge and resources to match those of trucking company litigators, and can put their expertise to effective use on your behalf. Our highly skilled lawyers can build a strong case against the trucking company and help you prove liability through the use of hard-hitting and sophisticated legal strategies. During insurance negotiations, our aggressive truck accident attorneys will not settle for less than your case is worth. We will negotiate for the maximum compensation possible from the responsible party, whether it is the trucking company or the individual trucker.

Anyone who has been physically and/or emotionally injured from a truck accident should consider the following facts about dealing with trucking companies and their insurers: 

Thus, attempting to enforce a judgment against a trucking company can be extremely frustrating without the help of attorneys who are knowledgeable in the workings of commercial trucking law and who can get your judgment satisfied regardless of the company’s efforts to delay. For a free evaluation of your case, get in touch with the experienced truck accident lawyers at the Mike Slocumb Law Firm today.

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