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Thousands of people around the country are involved in car accidents every year. And although it takes just a few seconds for an accident to happen, the experience can have long-lasting effects. Many car wrecks are fender benders that only result in minor damage to property and can be easily handled by insurance companies. However, in cases where people are hurt in a collision, a personal injury case may be set in motion. Injuries due to car accidents can transform lives, affecting those involved both physically and emotionally, and the expenses can mount up quickly. When making a claim for damages with an insurer, problems with stress, confusion, and uncertainty can easily arise.


Help from an Experienced Personl Injury Attorney Can Ease Your Burden

Dealing with insurers can be challenging under any circumstances. And after a car accident, it may be even more daunting to handle the tasks of providing the required documents to the insurer and participating in sometimes lengthy negotiations over a claim settlement. For these reasons, it is important to hire a skilled and knowledgeable personal injury lawyer who can help by doing the fact-finding, assembling the documents needed for your case, and composing succinct, detailed requests for a fair settlement.

The Nature of Personal Injury Claims

All settlements in which claimants are awarded money involve the following factors

Generally speaking, people who experience auto accidents and accept insurance settlements often receive far less than they deserve. Then, if their financial losses continue to mount over time, they are liable for any expenses the settlements failed to cover.

Many Types of Losses are Often Overlooked in Seeking a Settlement

Often, after adding up the medical bills they have already received, car accident victims feel confident they understand the extent of their losses and believe their settlement looks reasonable relative to their bills. However, they are probably overlooking many other types of losses for which they could have been compensated, such as the following:

Thus, appropriate damages for injury claims can be hard to compute, and claimants who attempt to do it on their own often ask for far less than they’re entitled to receive. So, it’s always helpful to have an experienced attorney assess the value of your claim.

Having personal injury lawyers work on car accident cases frequently leads to larger settlements. In fact, on average, claimants who allow attorneys to take care of their auto accident claims receive 3.5 times larger settlements than those who attempt to file claims without help. If you have been involved in an auto accident, contact the Mike Slocumb Law Firm for a consultation with an aggressive car accident lawyer who will work hard to get you the best settlement possible.

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