Signs of Bias in a Motorcycle Accident Case

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When you experience a motorcycle accident, the last thing you want is to be on the receiving end of bias. Unfortunately, this all too often becomes a reality for those who file a claim after an accident involving a motorcycle.

To protect yourself from such prejudice and fight for your rights as an injured rider, it’s essential to recognize the signs of bias early on and know how to respond to receive justice. In this blog, we discuss what kinds of prejudice riders need to look out for when pursuing an injury claim and why it’s critical to hire an experienced attorney who understands these issues inside and out.

What Is Bias?

Bias is the inclination or prejudice towards a particular opinion or viewpoint, which may affect your decision-making process. It is key to be aware of this concept when pursuing a motorcycle accident claim since, as a plaintiff, you may face bias from insurance adjusters, attorneys, or even witnesses. These individuals may have biases based on your gender, age, ethnicity, or the type of motorcycle you were riding, so be prepared for all details of your personal life to be put under a microscope just because you have chosen to ride a bike.

Common Biases Against Motorcycle Riders

Despite the fact that motorcycles are a popular mode of transportation, motorcyclists continue to face unfair biases on the road. Often, they are viewed as reckless and dangerous, even though statistics show otherwise.

As alluded to above, bias against motorcycle riders can manifest in the form of discrimination from insurance companies, skewed witness statements, and shady legal techniques from opposing attorneys. Given this type of prejudice, the reality is that it’s best to be as prepared as possible before going into a case. If you have had unfair dealing with insurance companies in the past, this is something your attorney should know about. In jury selection, your attorney should also be prepared to shoot down potential jury members who have unfair, preconceived notions about motorcycle riders. And any motorcycle accident lawyer worth their salt will be prepared for opposing legal counsel to dig into their client’s past and produce unrelated and irrelevant material to paint that client as irresponsible.

Contact Mike Slocumb Law Firm If You Have Been Injured in a Motorcycle Accident

If you or a loved one has recently been injured in a motorcycle accident, the best action to take is to hire experienced legal counsel to represent you in court and guide you through any adversarial proceedings. At Mike Slocumb Law Firm, our skilled motorcycle accident lawyers can provide an invaluable layer of protection by helping to identify biases and keeping you focused on the road ahead for success. We know firsthand that motorcyclists just want to enjoy their chosen mode of transportation without being hassled, so if you do find yourself in a situation where bias may be present, contact our firm for a team that will be emotionally and mentally present throughout the process. By staying attuned to what’s going on around them and having confidence in the attorney representing their case, motorcycle riders can feel confident they’ve done all they can to secure maximum compensation for their injuries or losses.

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